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Can I migrate this website to be a Static Web App using Github repository for Free? (part 1)

I have been thinking of doing this for a while after speaking with Dave Simpson and he said he had done but was using AWS so i checked out John Saville YouTube video on this as he explained it really well.

Free Website Hosting with Microsoft Azure Static Web Apps – Bing video

Also watched Harry Lowton YouTube video

How To Create A Static Web App On Azure – Bing video

Decided this was possible create Github account and Azure account and followed Harry Lowton video now have a static Web App displaying a blank page.

Now need to Export website from current Hosting provider and export site from wordpress to Hugo which can use Markdown (something else to learn) for the export I used the following plugin wordpress-to-hugo-exporter This was really easy and I now have the complete site in Markdown.

Now I need to work out how to import my markdown file to my new site and what tools I can use on iPad to enable me to use iPad.

To be continued…