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Install Auvik appliance in VMware ESXi

Download Auvik OVA from Auvik Trial – Free for 14 Days | Auvik Networks you will need an account or you can trial for 14 days. You will need to makes sure SNMP is setup for Auvik to discover devices on your network automatically for any network devices, servers, etc..

Right click on Datacenter and select deploy OVF template.

Select local file and browse to location where you saved your OVA file and click next.

Name virtual machine and location and click next.

Select Compute resource.

Review details.

Select thin provisioned and datastore.

Select Network

Review and click Finish

Power on Auvik appliance

Select option 1 and configure network interface to static ip address

If Auvik ID Shows as RED then select 2 to upgrade /install collector service this will then reboot appliance and should now be Green.

Now all Green

Go back to your Auvik account

Auvik will now start to scan your network and produce network diagram.